Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything is covered in snow. Can you still inspect the house?

Yes, we can still inspect the house, but there will be some limitations - the largest being the roof covering. When roof coverings are buried in snow, they are more difficult to inspect however we will do everything we can do view the roof covering and evaluate the general condition of the roof.

How much do you charge?

For home inspections we charge a flat rate of $450. We do not charge based on square footage or number of items to be inspected. 

How much time does a home inspection take?

On average, between two and four hours. We typically spend another one to three hours typing each report off-site.


When are you available?

In general, we book out approximately five to seven calendar days in advance. That said, we can always accommodate short notice requests. For the fastest scheduling, please call or use our website contact portal.

What do you inspect?

For a buyer’s inspection, we inspect the major items that most buyers want to know about. For a full list, please visit our Services page. All reputable home inspection companies will cover all of these items; it’s a standard list common in the industry. What sets us apart is our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, inspection report, and passion for our work.​

Do you offer repair estimates?

No, but we are happy to refer you to some of YYC's greatest contractors for a quote.

Do you inspect commercial buildings?

Yes. We offer inspections of office buildings, restaurants, churches, apartment buildings, warehouses, and other commercial buildings.

Are you licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed through the Province of Alberta's licensing program.


Can you inspect a home in another province? 

Yes! Some provinces require specific licensing, however we always welcome the opportunity to inspect in other areas. Contact us for more information.

The furnace is really old. Should I hire a furnace guy to look at it?

We typically don’t recommend hiring any other inspections right from the start. If we suspect a crack but we can’t prove it, we’ll recommend inspection by an HVAC contractor, but we’ll be specific about our concern, and we’ll write it out in our report. We’ll also include a photo if we can.

Will you inspect geothermal heating systems?

No. We’ll check for the basic operation of the system, but that’s all. There is far too much that can go wrong with the design and installation of these systems. To anyone buying a home with geothermal heat, we recommend obtaining detailed installation and service records for the system, as well as an inspection by an HVAC company who specializes in geothermal heat.

Will you get on the roof?

As long as we can safely do it, yes. We carry big extension ladders on our vehicles for inspecting two-story roofs. A lot of duplexes in the Calgary area have roofs that can only be accessed this way. In the event that the roof is unsafe to be on we will use a drone to get an up close view without putting our team's safety at risk.

Can I see the inspection agreement before you do the home inspection?

Yes, we email the inspection agreement to our clients at the time we book the inspection, and we ask our clients to fill out the inspection agreement online ahead of time.

Can I schedule the home inspection via email?

Yes, however the best way to schedule an inspection is via phone call, text or our website.

Can I be there for the inspection?

Definitely. We encourage our clients to attend the entire inspection, if possible.


When will I receive the home inspection report?

We will email the inspection report within 24 hours.