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Does your home have a Radon Problem?

Calgary Radon Levels - See Below for Enlarged Image

A recent study of Radon levels in Calgary and area showed elevated readings above the Health Canada recommended threshold of 200 Bq/m3. Outlying suburb communities of #Cochrane, #Airdrie, #Okatoks and #HighRiver all showed between 10% and 25% of homes with a Radon level which requires mitigation.

Homestead Home Inspections has both short term and long term Radon testing equipment to give you peace of mind about the safety your home. If levels are elevated in your home we will provide you with referrals to local mitigation companies.

What Is Radon:

Radon is an invisible, odourless, tasteless, radioactive gas. It is formed by the disintegration of radium, which is a decay product of uranium. Radon emits alpha particles and produces several solid radioactive products called radon progeny. Radon progeny are inhaled with air and deposit in the lungs. The lung absorbs alpha particles emitted by the radon progeny. The resulting radiation dose increases the risk of lung cancer.

How Does Radon Enter Your Home:

Radium in the soil directly under a building is normally the major source of indoor radon. Less important sources of radium are in ground water and building materials. The presence of uranium in soil and rock is an important indicator of places where radium and radon can be present. The concrete floor and walls in the basement slow down the movement of radon from the soil into the building. However, cracks in the floor, wall slab joints, and the drainage system allow radon to enter a building. Indoor radon concentrations are almost always higher than outdoor concentrations. Once inside a building, the radon cannot easily escape. The sealing of buildings to conserve energy reduces the intake of outside air and worsens the situation. Radon levels are generally highest in cellars and basements because these areas are nearest to the source and are usually poorly ventilated.

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